All Jammu Kashmir Youth Society organized Youth Interaction and counselling session at Rajbagh Srinagar.

Dated:- 7- april-2019

All Jammu Kashmir Youth Society organized Youth Interaction and counselling session at All JK Youth Society Office Rajbagh Srinagar.

In the first interaction session with Smt Rashim Soodji, Smt Rajni Sethi ,Smt Shea Trardoo , Smt Sanjiya Dogra , Ms. Updesh Andatra and Ms. Neelam Gaash along with the President Jk youth Society Sajid Yousuf And General Secretary Asif Plaiser , Mian Tufail, Dar javaid, Basharat sultan, Majid mohudin had an open conversation with youth on unemployment ,corruption, right to choose and other many important issues . Also a session of question answers we’re held with students to know there opinions and to discuss there issues to be solved on the ground level. “only youth can make up to new changes in the society and can come together work together for a better future so these are the little initiatives we are trying to reach up to maximum youth for there safety and better future ” said President Jk Youth society Sajid Yousuf.

In the Second Session the Interaction with the Youths from different colleges and universities were held. With Asia peace psychologist Dr.Ufra mir an peace and wellbeing session was held with students to create awareness of mental health ,well being and depression.

In this session also different people from different sections participated . Syed Aijaz kashani, Suzain noor javaid ahmad Barsharat sultan, Mian tufail ,General secretary Asif plaiser were also present there.

President All JK Youth society Sajid Yousuf said, that it is very important to start awareness in our youth for there mental health and well being . We need to think about our future generations to keep them away from conflicts and depression and to create a safe and joyfull environment for them.

President JK Youth society Sajid Yousuf appreciated Dr.ufra for giving them a session for students and helping them to organize these sessions.

Team All jk youth society also participated in these sessions and also interated with youth for there innovative and new progressive ideas.

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